A downloadable game for Windows

*Disclaimer: This game contains offensive and potentially triggering language/content.  

Embreate’s “Man Hunt” was created in the vein of the classic 80s arcade game ‘Duck Hunt’. Players can shoot rainbows by clicking with the left button on the mouse to trigger rainbow lasers that penetrate antagonistic characters (recognizable anti-LGBTQ figures) on screen. When the laser hits the characters they transform into unicorns. The game will also feature a score of how many targets each person has successfully hit per session. 

The city of Toronto is often defined by its multiculturalism, where diversity and inclusivity is pronounced. At its core, Embreate's “Man Hunt” encourages the positive message of diversity and equal rights for all. However, we also want to acknowledge many of the prominent figures that have spoken in ignorance or in opposition to LGBTQ+ rights throughout history. Players spread positivity by shooting rainbows using/from their hands toward various antagonistic figures on a screen. Antagonists will transform into mythical creatures if they are hit with a rainbow laser.

The intention is for audiences to use positivity and light to transform hate into love. This is meant to cogitate the current discourse of certain LGBTQ+ issues, where people choose to ignore or do nothing despite now being given the option to make a difference. There are many prominent figures who are outspoken about their anti-queer views, but rather than just answer with violence or hate, we advocate for love and inclusivity. This becomes a means to demonstrate that together we can overtake any obstacles. This shall allow everybody to unite and spread love to the world.   


Producer: Scott Nihill

Director: Lalaine Ulit-Destajo

Programmer: Jeffrey Barkun

Artist: Arantxa Chavarri

Artist: Halie Towns 

Artist: Karl Liu

Artist: Luke Dickey

Artist: Sandra Krutow


nuit_rose_v_06_15.zip 56 MB